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EZ Pool Cinch®

EZ Pool Cinch®

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EZ Pool Cinch  (1000 x 500 px)

How difficult is the EZ Pool Cinch to install?


Literally it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and takes just minutes. The EZ Pool Cinch comes out of the package ready to install and it’s quite intuitive. See Instructions.


Why was the EZ Pool Cinch invented?


The inventor, Sandra Willwater, had successfully pretty much avoided emptying the pool skimmer basket for 40+ years. When necessity to empty the skimmer basket once a day to avoid more expensive pool repairs she was inspired to invent the EZ Pool Cinch.

After visiting with friends who while emptying their skimmer baskets had actually gotten stung by scorpions, had black widows, rattlesnakes, Gila Monsters, swarms of bees, etc. it became imperative to share the EZ  Pool Cinch


In reflection, Sandra is sorry that she didn’t focus on the need for a pool skimmer lid handle and way to suspend the basket many years ago for her mother!  


How long has the EZ Pool Cinch been available?


The concept has been in R & D (research and development) for several years. The issues with emptying skimmer baskets have been around for many years. The actual packaged EZ Pool Cinch has been on the market since August 2020. 

Is EZ Pool Cinch just for new pools?


Actually the EZ Pool Cinch works well for old or new pools. It is easy to install on virtually any pool that has a skimmer lid with 2 holes. The EZ Pool Cinch is such a great retrofit that you’ll only wonder why you didn’t have it ever since you owned a pool.

Is it possible to customize the EZ Pool Cinch?


Yes certainly to some degree.


For instance, if you would like to have longer straps from the lid to the basket, just contact us let us know the length you would like. We would be happy to give you a price and get that shipped out.


If you would like different color webbing, we can make any part of the EZ Pool Cinch a light blue, red, orange, yellow, or even black. Contact us, we can discuss options, and we’ll give you a price and get that custom order shipped out.


Would you like to discuss other options, please contact us directly. We are more than happy to discuss your wishes.

What kinds of pool basket skimmers does the EZ Pool Cinch fit and work on?


The EZ Pool Cinch fits and works with most standard pool skimmer baskets whether new or older retrofit. The harness has an adjustable cinch that works with most baskets whether manufactured by Hayward, U.S. Pool, FibroPool, Pentair or any other, whether purchased from Leslie’s Pools, PoolWerx, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowe’s or Amazon or whoever or wherever.


What kinds of pool skimmer lids does the EZ Pool Cinch fit and work on?


Almost any pool skimmer lid that has 2 holes the EZ Pool Cinch Lid Handle will adjust to fit. Some lids have holes that are very close together, others have holes at the very edge. The EZ Pool Cinch has a cinch to adjust to give most pool lids a handle for easy, safe access to the pool skimmer basket. Making it just a quick, easy tug to lift the skimmer basket out of the pool.


What kinds of debris are typical in a pool skimmer basket?


That is a question that varies by each pool. Probably the most common debris are leaves and twigs. However, many have reported finding bees, wasps, hornets, scorpions, black widows, brown recluse, tarantulas, wolf spiders and other types of bugs and insects. Others have reported discovering rodents of all kinds, birds, bunnies, frogs, snakes including rattle snakes, lizards including a Gila Monster in their pool skimmer basket, just under the lid.


What best describes the EZ Pool Cinch?


The EZ Pool Cinch gives the pool skimmer lid a handle, and the skimmer basket a harness that suspends the basket, so it is a pool basket removal tool, or basket puller / lifter.


Plus, the EZ Pool Cinch is a safety device by lessening potential dangers and harm:

  • a person can safely and easily (without kneeling down, or having to reach into the skimmer lid holes, and then reach down into the skimmer hole) extract the pool skimmer basket.

  • minimizing encounters with scary, disgusting, potentially dangerous critters and pests - thereby minimizing potential bites and stings.


What other benefits have others found by having the EZ Pool Cinch?


Some have reported saving costly pool repair bills because they have more closely monitored the pool skimmer basket.

Have Gila Monsters really been found in swimming pools?


Yup, although apparently Gila Monsters can live on one drop of water for 80 days, sometimes they can’t resist a swim in the pool. One interesting source is National Geographic, United States of Animals (2016) Season 1, episode 1 (of 12) about 12½ minutes in. Available to watch on Disney Plus, IMDB and Amazon Prime.

Checking and emptying your pool's skimmer basket has never been so easy or safe.  Your health & safety are important!


Get your EZ POOL CINCH today!

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