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"We’ve used the prototype EZ Pool Cinch for over a year, and it’s great! We have a very busy pool with dogs and kids and the Cinch just makes emptying the skimmer basket easier and safer. Thankfully we were using it when there was a swarm of bees just under the skimmer lid!"

Barb and Dick B.

"My back, knees and arthritic hands really appreciate my EZ Pool Cinch."

Jasmine B.

"The EZ Pool Cinch lives up to its name!

It is extremely easy (EZ) to install and now remove any debris or gunk from the basket. I don't even have to pull my sleeve up or get my hands wet or dirty."

Lee J.

"It gives me peace of mind to know my loved ones use the EZ Pool Cinch."

Brook E.




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"Now with the EZ Pool Cinch, it is so much easier to empty my skimmer basket! And we don’t worry so  much about getting stung by a scorpions again."

Victoria and Franciso G.

"Takes the dread and danger out of emptying the skimmer basket."

Mark T.

"My only problem with the EZ Pool Cinch is that it wasn't available sooner for my family and loved ones who struggled all these years with the chore of emptying the skimmer basket."

Gene O.

"I highly recommend the EZ Pool Cinch to my customers who have trees and shrubs that directly shed into their pool."

Sam White, Owner - Pools R 4 Fun

Get your EZ Pool Cinch Today & Enjoy Your Sparkling Pool!

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