EZ Pool Cinch®

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The EZ Pool Cinch attaches to your existing skimmer basket and lid in less than a minute

and then you can check and empty your basket in minutes.

Easily Install the EZ POOL CINCH

For use with standard skimmer baskets and 2-hole skimmer lids.

  1. Open your NEW EZ Pool Cinch package

  2. Wrap the harness around your skimmer basket and click the fastener together

  3. Thread the skimmer lid handle up through the bottom of one of the lid holes and down through the other lid hole and click the fastener together

  4. You can now suspend your skimmer basket from the skimmer lid handle and put it back into the pool deck skimmer hole

To Check or Empty your
Skimmer Basket

  1. Bend down and grab the handle attached to your skimmer lid

  2. Pull up the skimmer basket and check to see if basket needs emptied

  3. If needed, empty your skimmer basket

  4. Place skimmer basket back in pool deck hole and press lid down tight

Please, ALWAYS take care and caution when the skimmer lid

is not securely in place.