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The EZ Pool Cinch Story



Sandra Willwater invented the EZ Pool Cinch out of necessity.

After paying for expensive pool repairs, Sandra was motivated to start emptying her pool skimmer basket daily. She had moved to a new neighborhood in Gilbert, AZ that has Sysso trees that endlessly shed a variety  of debris directly into her pool.

To have to daily kneel down, stick her finger in the skimmer lid, and worse reach down into the cold water and into the ucky basket full of debris was not fun.

Another major concern was for when her 90+ year old Papa with balance and mobility issues helped with the necessary but ucky chore. That was the reason of the birth of the EZ Pool Cinch.

When emptying the skimmer basket became almost fun and was definitely safer for herself and Papa, Sandra recognized this was something that would clearly be helpful to other people.

It became even more compelling to share the EZ Pool Cinch with others after hearing horror stories of friends who had actually found scorpions, black widows, swarms of bees, wasps, frogs, birds, mice, rats, snakes, even a Gila Monster, etc. under their skimmer lid and in their baskets. 

To bring this innovation to you, Sandra has two patents and two trademarks.

Thankfully the EZ Pool Cinch is now available for you, your family, and friends to benefit from.

                             Sandra Heitz Willwater

                             Inventor of EZ Pool Cinch

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