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EZ Pool Cinch®

EZ Pool Cinch®

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Our Story

Hate the task of emptying your pool's skimmer basket due to health or balance issues?

As a person in my 60's with back and knee issues and concerns about my 90+ year-old father with balance issues possibly falling in the pool when kneeling down on his knees to check or empty the pool’s skimmer basket I needed to find an easier and safer way for both of us.


When I had to pay $1,000+ to repair my pool because I hadn’t emptied the pool skimmer basket often enough, I knew there had to be a better way. After experimenting and trying to find something that worked for me, I invented the EZ Pool Cinch.

I designed the EZ Pool Cinch for people with mobility, balance, back or health issues like ours and people in general. With the EZ Pool Cinch we check and empty our skimmer basket without kneeling on our knees, reaching down, getting our hands wet and without encountering whatever might be lurking under the lid and in the skimmer basket. 

It is so much easier to bend down and grab the handle and pull the lid and basket out together and then empty the basket in just seconds. Plus, distancing ourselves from whatever is in the skimmer basket is a real bonus.


We have had friends stung by scorpions, bees while emptying their skimmer basket. And others who have encountered black widows, rattle snakes and even a Gila monster under their skimmer lid.

We went from struggling to empty our skimmer basket to easily checking and emptying it daily as necessary particularly during Arizona's monsoon season.  Heavy wind blowing debris into the pool makes it where our skimmer basket needs to be emptied daily.

If you struggle with emptying your pool's skimmer basket, then try the EZ Pool Cinch today! It’s also a great gift for anyone with a pool and kids love it.



Sandra Heitz Willwater

Inventor of EZ Pool Cinch

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Checking and emptying your pool's skimmer basket has never been so easy or safe.  Your health & safety are important!


Get your EZ POOL CINCH today!

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U.S. Patent No. 10,731,367,  2nd Patent No. 10,851,555 and 3rd Patent Pending

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