How the EZ Pool Cinch Helps YOU:


Some people have found scorpions, black widows, bees, hornets, frogs, lizards, mice, rats, snakes and etc. just under the lid and in the basket!

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Black Widows
Black Widows

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Copy of What have you found in your skim
Copy of What have you found in your skim

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Great for people with balance

and mobility issues.


With the EZ Pool Cinch there is no need to kneel to lift the skimmer lid and then reach 14" below the pool deck into the unknown.

SAVE $$$

Stop spending money on expensive pool

repairs because you haven't emptied

your skimmer basket enough.

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Every Pool Owner Needs This Safety Device

EZ POOL CINCH makes emptying your skimmer basket a 'Cinch'


The EZ Pool Cinch is a patented handle and harness that attaches to the pool skimmer lid and basket that suspends the basket from the lid.


With the EZ Pool Cinch, it's a quick and easy tug on the lid handle to pull out the skimmer basket. You no longer have to kneel down, bend down, stick your fingers into a dark hole (with who knows what is lurking below), and then reach down 14” that can have more than just nasty leaves!

The EZ Pool Cinch is a safer, more comfortable way to easily empty your skimmer basket. Give yourself some distance from whatever might be under the lid and

in the basket.


It's a 'CINCH' to empty

your skimmer basket.

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Check out below easily & securely with

EZ Pool Cinch®

Skimmer Lid Handle & Basket Harness

A Simple Tug to Empty Your Skimmer Basket

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Colors and Hardware May Vary.

Common Sense Use.

Subject to normal weathering, wear and tear.

Pool, skimmer lid, and basket not included.

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"My back, knees and arthritic hands really

appreciate my EZ Pool Cinch."

Jasmine B.

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